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Hotel Bogota Berlin

You are sleeping in holy rooms (Helmut Newton)


Hotel Bogota Berlin ▪ Schlüterstraße 45 ▪ 10707 Berlin ▪ link to the official website



The history of Bogota:

  • The Hotel Bogota is a listed monument and was 1911/1912 built as a multi-family house.

  • In the 1930s (among others) the jewish photographer Yva lived and worked here. Starting in 1936,  Helmut Newton started working with Yva, first as an apprentice and then as an assistant to Yva.

  • On 1 June 1942 the photographer Yva was arrested and deported to the extermination camp Sobibor. In 1944 she was declared dead.

  • After the "Aryanization" of the building in the 1940s the Reich Chamber of Culture moved in with their manager Hans Hinkel.

  • After 1945, the building housed a denazification facility for artists such as Gustav Gründgens, Wilhelm Furtwängler and Heinz Rühmann

  • Also after 1945 the "Kammer der Kulturschaffenden" was established in the building.

  • After the 2nd World War II, many large Berlin hotels (like the hotels Adlon, Bristol, Central, Eden, Esplanade, Excelsior, Fürstenhof, Kaiserhof were) destroyed and thus many houses have been converted into hotels. So the house in Schlüterstrasse 45 was converted into four hotels in 1964 (First Floor "Pension Jahn," second floor "Rheinischer Hof" third floor "Bergischer Hof" and in the fourth and fifth floor the "Hotel Bogota" which comprises the former studio spaces of the jewish photographer Yva.

  • The hotel got its name Bogota from Heinz Rehwald, who emigrated in the 1930s from Nazi Germany to Bogotá. Rehwald gradually took over all other pensions, so that finally the Hotel Bogota extended over all floors with 115 rooms.

  • In 1976 the family Rissmann takes over the hotel Bogota. The hotel is now run by Joachim Rissmann, who invests much effort to explore the history of the building and to preserve the many unique historic architetural features of the hotel.

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